The first skill is to be able to cook. If you make ready to eat food for profit, unless your unique selling point is high quality and your goods are high-priced, your bottom line depends on saving money in production and on ingredients.

The customer can only tell the quality when they eat the food long after they’ve bought the food. We therefore have a head start, knowing we are going to eat what we cook, simply by choosing ingredients that please our senses. And since we do not cost in our cooking time, we can use good stuff, save lots of money and have better health as well.

Why cook, when there are so many ready meals and takeaways out there? Well, it’s partly for the pleasure, which is greatly increased if you are not struggling with a bendy, blunt serrated knife, pans that always catch and burn, or using a fork when you really need a whisk.

And then, we are what we eat. Good food is one of the essential pleasures in life, along with sport, sex, setting the world to rights with good friends and working at something worthwhile that is enjoyable for at least some of the time.

Good food has a greater impact on health than possibly anything else. It is also much cheaper to do it for yourself. And a home made dinner doesn’t have to take any longer than nuking some plastic-wrapped orange goo.

I’m not saying cook every night, there are ways to have days off. Especially if you have a freezer – even a small one.